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Take the advantage of our one stop skin solution specialist with proven business methods and years of experience. Celmonze The Signature Brand is not only the name printed on the product, but also the image and value of the product in the minds of consumers.

Change from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Building your empire is not a dream anymore. Through Celmonze The Signature Franchise Programme, setting up your empire is now a reality.

Mr. Tay Aik Meng

We have built the brand awareness with our innovative approach and chain concept by emerging in today’s market of skin specialist and occupying an important place in the Malaysian beauty market.

To broaden the market, Tay Aik Meng, Chief Operating Officer of Celmonze Group, re-planned the concept of brand consumption and business model. Through four core marketing strategies of operation innovation, reform of tradition, and trend-setting and brand transformation, Celmonze The Signature opened 30 flagship stores in various location within two years.

Celmonze The Signature developed into a chain form with its successful business model and marketing strategy which attracted many beauty professionals to join Celmonze The Signature.

Change from Ordinary to Extraordinary

With 18 years of experience and becoming one of the best in the beauty industry, we can proudly say what works and not.

The most crucial factor of a successful beauty salon is to have effective and proven skin solution and a strong brand recognition. These factors are the magnet of new and repeat customers.

Our innovative treatment are born in Celmonze International Laboratories which comprises of five state-of-the-art research labs located accross Europe and North America has given Celmonze The Signature the vision to create endless innovation in the new age treatments. With this, we offer proven systems and support that helps you start, run and sustain.

Exclusive Interview

An Exclusive Interview with the Celmonze The Signature Group by Sisters Magazine. Watch the video to know why some of our business partner successfully open two beauty salons one after another, confidently conquering the market.

Change From Ordinary To Extraordinary Join Us To Setup Your Beauty Empire

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