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Celmonze International Laboratories

Across land and sea, they captures the essence of active ingredients, the essence of nature and preserved in its purest state. Delivered in molecular form, all biological and marine extracts are easily absorbed at cellular level for total rejuvenation. The breath-taking sight was the inspiration of gentle skin care solution they would uncover Celmonze’s destiny was finally reach.

Today, Celmonze International Laboratories which comprises of five state-of-the-art research labs located across Europe and North America has given Celmonze The Signature the vision to create endless innovation in the new age treatments.

Professional Beauty Salon

Celmonze The Signature is a fresh new concept in Malaysia and Singapore skincare and beauty industry, where a thriving business means having a trustworthy skincare and professional beauty salon.

Celmonze The Signature is your reliable beauty retreat that has all the joy of beauty luxuries any woman could have for face and body wellness. Our top quality services will comfort you with our innovative treatments pampering you all the way to a full rejuvenation of mind, body and soul.

Skin Solution Specialist

As a result-oriented skin solution specialist, we provide fast and effective solution to all type of skin problem.

Our skin care consultants and beauty therapists are highly qualifed with years of experience in their fields of expertise. They are well-trained in providing excellent customer service with full knowledge of our skin care product ranges to solve all type of skin problems.

To maintain the services standard, beauticians are required to undergo three stage assessment program to become a top notch beautician in 2 years time. You can rest assure that you are in good hands, and you can look forward expectantly to see visible results, without injections or any harmful procedures.

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